Meitetsu Kanko Bus

Meitetsu Kanko Bus for sightseeing buses departing from Aichi, Gifu and Mie Prefectures

Safety and Environment

Safety and Environment

We, Meitetsu Kanko Bus Co., Ltd., comply with the law, actively work to secure transportation safety and environmental preservation and steadily progress to become the trustable top brand with the guiding principle of “ ‘Customer Satisfaction’-We provide safe, comfortable and joyful journeys to our customers.”

Safe, reliable… people-friendly
  • ■Practical use of tachograph
    Digital tachographs (driving recorders) are used to find out the content of the driver’s service.
  • ■Equipped with drive recorders
    From the recorded voices and videos, we figure out the cause of accidents in order to prevent accidents.
  • ■Rigorous execution of roll calls
    Before getting on the vehicle, we make sure that a roll call is executed by a service manager on the driver to check the matters to be attended, grasp the health condition, alcohol test and take an oath to drive safely.
  • ■Enrichment of driving training
    We introduced and use an internet driving aptitude diagnose system participate in driving seminars in outside facilities and implement practical skill lessons on the courses for training.
  • ■Response to abnormal situation
    To be prepared for rare occasions, we continuously implement life saving lessons and practical training for emergency situations (assuming bus jacking and traffic accident). Additionally, we established a communication system to be prepared for such rare situations.
  • ■Information sharing and communication
    We hold meetings periodically to report and share driving records and exchange information.
  • ■Exhaustive safety education and health management
    We work hard to secure the safety of transportation by implementing safety based lessons and trainings according to the annual plan and through health management.
Environmental preservation… to be earth friendly
  • ■Environmentally considerate vehicles
    To lower environmental load, we operate vehicles that are environmentally considerate.
  • ■Obtainment of Green Business Certification
    Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation as the attestation body, Green Business Certification System attests, certify and register transportation businesses that are engaged in environmentally friendly business activities of the level higher than a certain level. Our Nagoya business office have obtained “Green Business Certification”
  • ■Eco Business Certification of Nagoya City
    Eco Business Certification system of Nagoya city is a system that the city of Nagoya uses to support businesses' independent and active efforts for a better environment by recognizing them. Our Nagoya business office obtained the "Eco Business" certification of Nagoya city.

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